Taking a Stand

It can be frightening if you come across something scary. You might be worried about a friend. Or someone else might have made a threat or shared something dangerous. In this video, you can find out how to report any concerns online, and who you can talk to in confidence if you need help.

Our response to what we see online can have a big impact on our safety and wellbeing. We might be going too far and breaking the law or putting others at risk. Even if we don’t do anything because we don’t want to get involved, it could have serious repercussions. Take the ‘What would you do if?’ quiz above to assess how you would respond to extremist behaviour and content online and reflect on the implications your choices could have on yourself and others.

All activities can be customised and used as standalone lessons or incorporated into existing plans for assemblies, lessons and schemes of work. They have cross-curricular relevance and facilitate a whole-school approach, in line with RSHE guidance and Keeping Children Safe in Education. They also link to statements in the UKCIS Education for a Connected World framework. Click here to learn how to use this resource and see a school use it in practice.