A practical resource for teachers to empower young people to:

  • recognise examples of extremist behaviour and content online
  • understand actions which could be identified as criminal activity
  • explore techniques used for persuasion and build resilience through critical thinking
  • access support from trusted individuals and organisations

Each section includes:

  • starter videos featuring experts or case studies
  • scenario-based activities to promote discussion and reflection
  • guidance to facilitate discussions in an age-appropriate way and consolidate learning

All activities can be customised and used as standalone lessons or incorporated into existing plans for assemblies, lessons and schemes of work. They have cross-curricular relevance and facilitate a whole-school approach, in line with RSHE guidance and Keeping Children Safe in Education. They also link to statements in the UKCIS Education for a Connected World framework. Click here to learn how to use this resource and see a school use it in practice.